Starter for "Chevy Small Block &  Big Block"!

Starter for "Chevy Small Block & Big Block"!


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Chevy Starter that will fit your Chevy small Block & Big Block! "4HP". If you don't know what what flywheel or flexplate you have, this will most likely fit your Chevy!

Chevy SBC 350 or BBC 454 10" 153T 11" 168T Straight Tilton 4Hp Starter Motor Zinc

You can get up to 50 percent more starting power when you pick one of these Procomp Electronics high-torque mini starters. They're 40 percent lighter, as well as 1/3 smaller. That latter characteristic translates into increased ground, oil pan, and header clearance, but both factors can be equally important in a race car. So can features such as full ball-bearing construction, which allows these starters to work great while lasting a long time. With a small size and weight, this starter makes installation a snap, especially when compared to the large, bulky starters offered by other manufacturers. The design of this starter allows it to fit both staggered and straight bolt patterns, with the one exception of the 400 small block engine.

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